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Ten Kids - About Us/Links

Rebecca & Kenneth Gibson- Louisville, KY
John & Debbie Hagan- Prospect, KY
Tina, Mike & Lucas Seeley- Leawood, KS
Jeff & Mary Leep- Louisville, KY
Samuel Prophet- Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Susan Hockensmith- Frankfort, KY
Mary & Lester Smith- Louisville, KY
Thomas & Sandra Tucker- Louisville, KY
Karen & Jim Carothers- Owensboro, KY
Country Squire Florists- Louisville, KY
Chuck Riddell- Frankfort, KY
Kim Johnson- Whitesville, KY
John & Debbie Burden- Owensboro, KY
Anne Kimmerly- Lexington, KY
Holly & Alan Brady- Lexington, KY
Jan & Rusty Forbes- Pensacola, FL
Morgan & Judy Day- Mt. Eden, KY
Douglas Sharps- Louisville, KY
Anne & David Welsh- Owensboro, KY
Lindsey & William Brown- Owensboro, KY
Wiring for Industrial Controls, Inc- Crescent Springs, KY
Malia Pickens- Crescent Springs, KY
Animal Medical Center- Frankfort, KY
Dr. Clint Bevins- Frankfort, KY
Chris & Stephanie Day- Shelbyville, KY
Heather Bui- Louisville, KY
Christina Mayes- La Grange, KY
Danny, Nathan, Luke, Cade, & Zachery Gibson- Louisville, KY
Sylvia Quaye- Louisville, KY
Kenneth, Maureen, Lauren, Elise, Kenny, & Anna Gibson- Louisville, KY
Miles Brady- Lexington, KY
Taylor Trusty- Louisville, KY
Blackstone Media- Louisville, KY
Bill & Libby Polack- Lexington, KY
Marta & Jack Pattie- Lexington, KY
Joli Salon & Day Spa- Lexington, KY
Leo Brown- Lexington, KY
Beacon Hill Music Design- Lexington, KY
Terri Fugate- Frankfort, KY
John Abell- Frankfort, KY
Joseph Anthony- Lexington, KY
John G. Anderson- Prestonsburg, KY
Monica L. Flint- Lexington, KY
JoHanna Giles Hall- Richmond, KY
Nancy M Winling- Fort Wayne, IN
Joanna Duker- Chicago, IL
Margi Clonch- Yellow Springs, OH
William Back- Lexington, KY
Ann McCollell- Pikeville, KY
Mark Claypoole- Maysville, KY
John Shouse- Lexington, KY
Linda Allen- Lexington, KY
Milton Neal- Lexington, KY
Susan Alexander- Lexington, KY
Anna Pauline McDowell- Lexington, KY
J.B. & Geraldine Amburgey- Means, KY
Eleanor G. Perreiah- Lexington, KY
Evalynne & David Elias- Lexington, KY
Nancy Holloway- Lexington, KY
Barbara G. Schubert- Lexington, KY
Louis J. Amato- Lexington, KY
Margaret Evans- Frankfort, KY
Joan L. Hoskins- Lexington, KY
Kathryn Williams- Lexington, KY
Peryda Pike- Lexington, KY
Wanda Bachman- Winchester, KY
Bonnie Burchett- Pikeville, KY
Janet Gardner- Lexington, KY
Margaret Stokes McIntyre- Lexington, KY
Adele & Norman Potter- Lexington, KY
Theresa & Thomas Fitzgerald- Versailles, KY
Patricia & John Buker- Lexington, Ky
Peggy & Michael Dennis- Lexington, KY
Barbara & Don Wathen- Lexington, KY
Ann McConnell- Pikeville, Ky
Candice Garascia- Cincinnati, OH
Leslie & Peter Simpson- Lexington, KY
Jenny Miller Jones- Georgetown, KY
Karen & David Acker- Auburn, AL

For more information or to share your thoughts contact gip or kim gibson at TenKidsHaiti@aol.com  

Ten (10) Kids, Inc. was founded by Gip and Kim Gibson of Kentucky.

Gip has a background in the arts and entertainment field and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1991 and the University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival in 1999.  Gip is the Executive Director of Ten (10) Kids, Inc. and has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Haitian Needy Children's Foundation.

Kim has a background in Social Work and Public Administration, graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1991, Auburn University Montgomery in 1999 and is currently the Executive Director for an agency that supports individuals with developmental disabilities and mental retardation.  Kim is the President of the Board of Directors for
Ten (10) Kids, Inc.

Contact gip or kim at

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