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Facts on Haiti
  • Haiti is about a two hour plane ride from Miami to Port-au-Prince, the capital


  • Haiti is the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, with 76 percent of its population below the poverty line, in Kentucky that would be over 3 million people (KY has about 4 million residents)
  • Most Haitians live on less than $2 per day
  • 95% of Haiti's 8.5 million people are descendents of African slaves
  • An estimated 300,000 children are child laborers
  • Child mortality:
  • 1 of 14 children die before their first birthday
  • 1 out of 8 children die before the age of 5
  • Life expectancy – 49 years , lower than  Sudan
  • 50% of primary-age children are in school
  • Less than 2% of children finish secondary school
  • 40% of the children do not get regular vaccinations for childhood diseases
  • Its people have less access to clean water & sanitation than residents of Ethiopia 
  • Chronic malnutrition affects 42% of children under the age of five
  • Haiti has the third-highest rate of hunger in the world, behind Somalia and Afghanistan
  • Kentucky has about 40,000 square miles with over 4 million people
  • Haiti has about 11,000 square miles with over 8.5 million people, half the size, double the people
  • Port-au-Prince, the capital, has about 60% (5 million) of the total urban population
  • A greater percentage of Haitians live in poverty than citizens of the war-ravaged Congo in Africa 



Haiti Home, Project # 1-
Ten Kids
Dis Timouns (Creole)
Dis Gosses (French)

Sponsor a home for ten children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Ten Kids, Inc. is partnering with Planting Peace to sponsor a home for ten children in Haiti. 

The sponsorship consist of providing a safe home, three meals a day, clean drinking water, clothes, access to medical care, a full-time house mother, a part-time maintenance person and an education including tuition, uniforms, books and supplies. The average cost to sponsor this home is about $1,000 per year per child or $12,000 for the entire home.

Sponsor a Kid

Planting Peace
Our Partner in Haiti 

Aaron Jackson, the founder of Planting Peace, was recently nominated for a “CNN HEROS” award and featured on Larry King. 

Planting Peace and the chick grant foundation was incorporated as a non-profit (or social profit as we like to call it) organization on October 23, 2003, in loving memory of Charles "Chick" Grant for the purpose of researching, developing and providing sustainable initiatives to impoverished areas around the world. We came to the conclusion, after many hours of intensive research, that small scale sustainable projects encompassing the short, middle, and longterm aspects of each region are the best and only way to provide effective aid to these places in need.



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